[Hiring] Valorant character art commission


hi everybody! for some backstory, my boyfriend and I both are addicted to valorant and for his birthday I thought a piece of personalised art would be cool. I’m looking for artists who can create a work of art where we are in the form of Reyna and Chamber. I’d like it to look as close to the original valorant art as possible, something kinda like the rick and morty personalised art that’s out there. my budget is slightly flexible (<$100 USD) , and I’m new to art commissions so let me know if you’re interested! the deadline would be before the end of the month, but preferably ASAP as i’d like to get it printed and framed 😀 thank u

p.s PLS DO NOT PM ME! i will go through comments here and through everyone’s portfolios and will message/email/discord u directly if interested, my dm’s are flooded and I just hate going through those. thank you all for all the comments! I’m so excited for this project 😀

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