[Hiring] US Dollars, Looking to commission art to commemorate DnD campaign!


Hello artists! My friends and I are looking to commission a movie poster style art piece to commemorate our 3 year long DnD campaign coming to a conclusion. Obviously we each want to keep a copy for ourselves,(there are 5 of us)but we also want to surprise the DM with one. The campaign takes place in a world where artificing and steampunk/magitech is the bleeding edge of technology. Otherwise, it is high fantasy with elves, dwarves, dragons, magic, undead, u name it. We were thinking something where all of our characters are in the foreground in some sort of actiony pose/middle of combat, BBEG looming ominously in the background, with a background consisting of scenes from our various story arcs. (And the paladin farm in the sky, a joke in our campaign, if you ask me about it il be happy to explain it) We are looking for something highly detailed and high quality, and our budget is approximately 500$, but this is negotiable for the right piece of art. We have a google doc with some pics we were using for inspiration and basic details of our characters and story arcs, but I am happy to answer any questions with more detail. If any of you are interested in creating this art piece for us, let me know and we can discuss in more detail. If you send me some pics to that give a sense of your style, I will share them with the other players and we will discuss. We will end up choosing the artist whose style and price we like the best and sadly we can only choose one. You’re all amazing though! I will do my best to respond to everyone but depending on how many responses I get I can’t promise anything. Thank you!

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