[Hiring] Tired looking male anime character


so. first time doing anything like this.

i actually wanted to commission an art for mainly the purpose of a profile picture/avatar. i guess it would need to be an oc?
as said in the title a tired/worn out looking anime guy. ill put some example of other’s work that i’ve liked to just to help visualize what i mean by my description

im very unsure on how pricing looks and am very much willing to negotiate about it for whatever is considered a fair price. if someone can help me regarding that lol.
. i’d give a wild guess that it would be like 30-150$ ish? depending on how much detail there is
300 if its crazy detailed. i have no idea how pricing works honestly

ideally id hope its within that kind of budget. but if thats not realistic i am willing to pay more. id like to think it doesnt go over a thousand?

there is no hard deadline or anything but i would like to have it worked on right away, ive heard that some people puts it off for a very long time or something.

these art would be good examples of what i meant by my description. frankly i really love the first one and it would already have been what im looking for and would use, but copyright is a thing as it belongs to someone else lol

wozwald(music video) by wooma



Mizuki from Real Account(manga)


art for bin’s music also by wooma

discluding the blood and all

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