[Hiring] Three D&D university students, anime style, £100 budget


I just started running a D&D campaign set at Strixhaven University, the crossover setting with Magic the Gathering. There are three players, and I’d really like to surprise them with some artwork of their characters together. It’s a very anime-inspired game, so I’d like something in an anime style. My budget’s around £100 and there’s no particular timeframe.

I’d like to have the characters posing together, as if for a photo. The three characters are:

Yssga Ruath: she/her, undead warlock. She is an attractive teenage eladrin, a type of elf with very long ears. She’d be wearing the grey robes of a first-year university student, and she’d have a pouty/aloof expression that shows off her vampire teeth.

Fair Flyhalt: they/them, draconic sorcerer. They are a teenage half-elf with lightly pointed ears. They’d also be wearing the first-year grey robes. They’d have a flirty smile on their face, and would have their arms around the other two characters.

Samuel Hallwinter: he/him, trainee paladin. A human teenager and total momma’s boy. Unlike the others, wears chainmail armour decorated with the coat of arms of Baldur’s Gate. He’d have a nervous/stressed expression, as he gets easily flustered around other people.

We can discuss a background (perhaps a simple park or a library) if you feel it’s within the budget.

Here’s a link to an imgur post that has references for their character’s basic appearances, as well as the uniform and other details.

I’ll look through portfolios tomorrow night, as I have work during the day.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to working with you!

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