[HIRING] someone to draw my friends dogs as humans


Have you ever thought about what your dog would look like if they were human?

My best friend and I laugh about it all the time, so I had the idea to commission some art for her birthday. She has two pugs with big personalities. I will share more info with anyone who is interested, like pictures, descriptions, funny stories

I also might order two more. One for my chihuahua and another for my SIL’s golden retriever.

First priority is the pugs!

Budget is €20-€75 per piece, depending on format. Happy for digital or painted/drawn.

Either two seperate pictures or one with them together.

Size doesn’t matter too much either.

Her birthday is in September so I need it before then.

If it isn’t digital, it will need to be shipped to Australia.

Looking forward to seeing your portfolios and hearing your ideas 🙂

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