[Hiring] Six semi-realistic characters on a simple desert background, ~$600


I would like to have a poster / concept art designed for a non-commercial short story.

The design should depict two warring sides, with three characters on each side.

The characters should all be semi-realistic, though their origins are diverse: two Egyptian gods, a Goetia spirit, an anime character and two people from the real world.

The background should be a desert with a few bushes here and there.

However, and I hope this does not violate any of the rules, I am not sure how the characters should be positioned. So I am attaching three examples, and I would like to discuss with the artist(s) what would work best. Note that, while the examples all contain text, no text is needed in this work. Also, only one of the examples is semi-realistic, and none of them contains exactly six characters; they only serve as illustrations for the positioning of the characters.

My budget is ~$600, and the deadline is the end of November.

Thank you!

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