[Hiring] Several (2-4) semi-realistic pieces of a medieval fantasy OC. £100+ budget.


Hiya, I’ve not posted for a while because I’ve been using the same 1-2 artists, for the same couple of characters, but I like to use a different artist for different characters!

I’ve got a written description of the character as well as references of which I would rather send over discord! I expect this to be over £100 but would hope it remains under £200. The timeline is flexible. (I do plan on writing a whole sheet about him soon so I might be able to share it if I do it whilst you work on the art, who knows.) I’m still thinking about if I would want the references recreated as actual art, or to just have some new poses and things… We’ll see!

If this sounds like fun to you, then please share your work with me in my PMs or in the comments of this post!

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