[HIRING] Moody, stylish full-body portrait, upper budget of 100 CAD


Hello, artists! I’d like to commission a piece of artwork for a friend of mine as a present. I’m looking for someone with a moody art style who can draw diverse, cool women (with BDE, for lack of a better term) with non-traditionally striking features. I’d like to pay 100 CAD at most, if possible. Black and white is okay! The design I have in mind is specifically a woman wearing either a mens suit or a mens yukata, sitting on a curb (background is not included, this is just the general pose) while manspreading & smoking, if that gives you a good idea as to the mood of the piece.

Please link me to your previous work and specifically tell me your prices! Please do NOT DM me; I will not be responding to them. If I want to commission you, I will DM you! Thanks a bunch!

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