[HIRING] – Marketing and Social Media Management at Minty Solutions – Work with NFT and Blockchain companies.


Minty Solutions is an all-in-one solution for Cryptocurrency/NFT marketing needs.

Our website is https://mintysolutions.com/

We manage a clients’ social media and create an interactive community with hopes of bringing more interest to their projects. Some NFT companies only have time to work on their art, so our goal is to boost areas that they are not able to handle. Minty Solutions is looking for the following:

Instagram Managers / Posters Marketers (Responsible for securing clients) Twitter Managers / Posters Reddit Managers / Posters / Shillers Discord Managers: Marketers – Graphic Designers (Must Provide Portfolio) Discord Moderators


Fluent in English (spoken and written) Must be able to work without supervision and meet the set deadlines – Must be able to attend weekly meetings over voice to discuss outcomes and goal. Must be over 18 Must be competent in creating and organizing spreadsheets Availability during EU/NA Timezones are preferred

Payment: Payouts happen on a per-client basis. As we expand, this will transition into a monthly-retainer. Payment is done in whichever currency you prefer and the payout is at the end of each month. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, and to apply.

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