[HIRING] Manga Artist needed for a Shounen series! 1-2k per chapter!


Budget: $1000-$2000 per chapter (a chapter would be anywhere from 18-25 pages)

Style: Battle Shounen (think Yu Yu Hakusho meets Naruto or something like that)

Hey all,

Story writing and boarding will be done by me, this won’t be a weekly release as I only intend to finish the prologue chapters (1-3 or 1-4), the manga will be posted online for free, if I promote it successfully, I’ll rehire you so that we can finish the story 🙂

At the moment, I am looking for potential hires as the project will start in either August or September.

What I expect from you, to not just draw the manga, but help me create the characters and the world as well (I saw most people offer $1000 per chapter, I put the range between $1000-$2000 because I’d be more than happy to pay for any creative choices from you that’ll work with the story), that said I obviously already have everything in my head, of how things will be and look like, and I will provide examples to help you draw to meet my needs.

I am not picky about art-style (but a classic black and white manga style is mainly what I am looking for) show me a portfolio with what you got, and if I think it’ll go well with my story, I’ll hire you!

Also, this is my first time posting, so I don’t know if this is allowed or not, but can I ask what other websites where I can find mangaka for hire? If I am not allowed to ask I’ll remove this last part.


edit:WOW!! thank you guys SO MUCH!! SO MANY amazing and talented people on here to a point where its freakin impossible to pick just ONE person, but I am gonna have to! I promise to look through EVERY one of your submissions and respond, I will pick a winner on the 26th of June or 27th! so very soon! thanks again! (or pick a few artists that I will commission for samples then pick a winner.)

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