[Hiring] Lore Index & Issues 1-2 Comic Project | Seeking Illustrator/Concept Artist


Project Work

Science-Fiction Assets (e.g., Exoskeletons, Weaponry, Vehicles, Ships, Mechs, and more) Environmental Assets (e.g., Space Elevators, Ring Worlds, Orbital Colonies, and more) Fantasy Assets (e.g., Fauna, Flora, Crystals, Deities, and more.) A great deal of focus is placed on mechanical/technical detail, as well as a polished or hard-surface design/look on finished pieces. For examples, please review Mr. Sewell’s portfolio linked below.

Project Timeline

Earliest Projected Start (EPS): September 30, 2022 / Latest Projected Start (EPS): October 15th, 2022

Aesthetic Style:

See Disclaimer at the bottom.

Contact Method


Etherborn Anthologies is an Indie-Comic start-up based in Central Florida that aims to speak truth to fictional power through progressive BIPOC narratives. We are seeking to hire a professional illustrator for long-term work. The project represents Phase-I of our development plan and is focused on the creation of various visual assets (e.g., Characters, Technology, etc.); as well as, the first and second issues of the series.

The visual assets will serve the following purpose:

Promotion of the project through “proof-of-concept” and generating consumer interest. Visual conceptualization of the cast, technology, locations, fauna and flora. Development of aesthetic style guides to describe the artistic direction more efficiently. Limited development of promotional material for mercantile use (i.e., Logos, symbols, etc.).

The first and second issues will serve the following purpose:

Introduce key members of the Main Cast (Protagonists & Antagonists) and the Tier-1 Support Cast (Protagonists & Antagonists). Setup the exposition of the first Story Arc, as well as, begin to shed light on the Myth Arc. Showcase the cultural, economic, and technological norms of the setting-universe.

In regards to compensation, we have a “war chest” of $6,000 USD to cover initial expenditures; however, we are planning to discuss the details of our budget with the selected artist(s) following rate negotiations. The preferred outcome would be a flat-rate for assets and pages complemented by an agreed upon percentage of merchandise sales (e.g., Apparel, Trading Cards, etc.).

[Additional I]Interested parties, please, provide the following:

Artstation, DeviantArt, or alternative platform hosting your portfolio. Resumes are welcome too, if you have one.

[Additional II]The attached images are early concept work that was commissioned for the IP and represents the general aesthetic that we’re seeking to move forward with; however, our team is in the midst of discussions to pursue a more “manga” or “animated” look (e.g. Conner Fawcett, Cameron Sewell, etc), while maintaining the fully-rendered aesthetic.

Conner Fawcett Aesthetic: https://www.artstation.com/connerfawcett

Cameron Sewell Aesthetic: https://www.artstation.com/thdark





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