[HIRING] Looking for someone who’s up for drawing a ref sheet for a new character.


Hello! I’m looking to have a new character drawn on higher quality end of things. My character would be a protogen! I’d prefer if you have experience in this field with either protogens, Anthro or fantasy creatures. I have a few ideas in mind already but I wanna making my protogen unique and would love to work togheter with you to do so if you have any suggestions ^

I have a budget of up to €80-115 and I’d like the reference sheet to include a front and back view plus a few expressions, how many will be up for debate that you’re willing to draw for this price range =)

If you’re interested then feel free to contact me through reddit and if decide to take it all the way we can move onto discord.

Again I’d prefer a bit of a help with my character design but nothing major as I already have parts in mind Allong with a few refs and pics and suggestions, I’d also like a slightly more realistic style if possible ^

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