[Hiring] Looking for someone to draw my character with background in a specific scene.


Hello, you wonderfull and talented people. Some time ago, we played an rpg set in the Guild Wars (videogame) universe, and during that we had a very emotional scene I would like to have as a picture to remember it. And since I have the talent of an overcooked potato, I need someone else to draw it.

The character I played and now want drawn is a female Sylvari, a human-like plant. After we finishes the campain I recreated her in the videogame, so I can provide a screenshot of how I imagine her.

The background to the scene: The character had just learned that her best friend and mentor had been corruped by evil magic they were fighting against, and will eventually die a slow death. This caused her to flee on top of an iceberg to hide and cry.

The scene itself that I would like to have drawn is rather specific. The character is sitting on a little plateau at the top of the iceberg, looking into the sunset, crying.

I would put my budget at around 100€. However, this is my first contact with the art community. If what I ask for is way off with the estimate money, please let me know, and we will figure this out together. Also, first time here, if you need more infos please tell

Edit: Good lord, that is waaay more feedback than I thought. I am not ignoring you people, I simply have to sort out all the links you send me. Also, since somebody asked, here is an imgur link with the character: https://imgur.com/a/Y22Eq9G

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