[Hiring] Looking for someone to draw a fantasy landscape inspired from this picture [~$300]


Hello everyone!

I’m a Dungeon Master and I’m looking for an artist to draw a landscape inspired from this picture for my game cover, with a few notable changes:

– Obviously a better resolution, but also a more computer friendly aspect ratio (16:9, 4K or more would be ideal).

– A green forest at the left, instead of an ocean.

– The “void” at the top would need to be larger, with a big planet / moon at the center. I’ll provide a sample to the artist.

– Add some form of Hellish* landscape at the bottom, I’m not sure what the transition could be Perhaps it could look like it’s underground? Ideally it would be about the size of the void at the top.

– A more complex mansion in the center, but still with a sinister look. Nothing too crazy à la Warhammer.

– Probably a few other minor changes I’ll discuss with the artist.

The budget is around $300.

The style can vary but I’m looking for something somewhat realistic.

When it comes to deadline, there is no urgency but I believe the commission should not take more than two months. I’ll obviously appreciate if it’s done in a shorter timeframe.

* For DnD fan, it’s technically more Abyssal than Hellish.

Edit: minor changes in the void and mansion part.


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