[Hiring] Looking for Fantasy Illustrators/Artists for new Tabletop RPG


Hello, folks. My name is Sean and I am the lead developer on a new tabletop RPG called Mythical Monsters. Mythical Monsters is a setting-agnostic tabletop experience focused on teamwork and creating interesting gameplay within the fantasy genre. The game as it stands is in alpha development and is already undergoing playtests behind the scenes. There is a very real chance this will turn into a shipped product. To this end, I am in need of illustrations.

What I am looking for:

– A Fantasy Illustrator willing to work with me in designing cover art (11″ by 8.5″)
– Fantasy Artists to produce 1/2 page (7″ x 4.583″) or 1/4 page (4.625β€³ x 3.5β€³)

For the cover art, my budget is 1000 USD and I am looking for something of a painterly style.

For the interior art and pieces, my budget is 120 USD for 1/2 page B/W and 60 USD for 1/4 page B/W. A rough pencil style is also welcome to which I would offer 30-50 USD per piece.

For the inner illustrations, I would be looking for around 10 1/2 page pieces and maybe 15-25 1/4 page illustrations.

For each piece, I would be receiving the commercial rights but the artist would maintain the right to use the art for self-promotion and as portfolio pieces. In addition, each artist that contributes to the project will be credited in the final version. This agreement would be signed and sealed in a contract.

Art Styles Desired

For the Cover Art, I am looking for something with vibrant use of colors similar to the examples below. It needs to communicate a view into a fantastical world filled with mysterious fantasy creatures, magic, and things to discover.






Inner Pieces

For the inner pieces, my focus is less on emulating old-school B&W pictures and moreso towards capturing a look and feel that leans slightly towards realism but has the room to express character and eased proportions. In this same notion, I’m not particularly looking for anime style pictures either.


https://www.artstation.com/artwork/KarQ4W (First two)






For this project, I am running on a two month deadline maximum.
For the cover artist, I would expect to be able to meet at least once or twice a week to go over the progress made and confer opinions.

For fantasy artists, I would expect a reasonable amount of time for the deadline. This will of course depend on your own personal metrics and if I have commissioned you for more than one piece.


If all of this seems reasonable to you, please post your portfolio down in the comments and I’ll get back to you if I think we can work together. Thank you!

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