[Hiring] Looking for artist who likes semi-realistic style.


Hello and greetings to all. My name is Alexis and I was wondering to commission someone regarding a nice idea I had.

The ultimate Idea is to get it printed and hung in my house somewhere.

My desire is this: An empress Centaur.

Styled of course after the Roman emperors this centaur is well muscled and well dressed. The artwork would do well to accentuate both the equine portion of this character while also displaying her in a powerful pose and well dressed manner.

The character herself is designed as follows: from the bottom she wears golden horse shoes as befitting of her title and position. Her equine body should be styled after the Akhal-Teke breed of horse. Her fair complexion balancing well with auburn/ginger hair that complements beautigully her bright emerald eyes.

Her muscle tone is defined from her equine body to her imperial head, there is clear evidence of physical maintainance to a high standard.

Her clothes are styled simmilar to Roman emperors, garments of white, purples golds and reds showcase her body in a regal and always beautiful manner. Along her biceps she wears a snake charm that curls around her muscle as well as two cuff bracelets around her wrists as well as a diadem across her head made of gold depiciting an eagle.

As for background: an ancient city landscape, one with marble and brick homes with red tiled houses. My idea is that the empress stands on her balcony, the camera catching her side profile, as she over looks her city. Flourishings of nature sprout in beautiful ways from vases and the like not only around the balcony but the city also.

In any case I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this, I am willing to hear peoples price approximations and for the sake of efficiency my price range is around $50 to $80.


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