[Hiring] Looking for an artist to draw my OC.


Hey !

I recently made a post looking for a commission elsewhere on reddit and found someone. But I’m still looking to commission someone for a tarot card in the style of the Dragon Age ones ( Yes, we’re back in 2014/2015, haha ). I’ve been looking everywhere for someone who can do it, but alas. My searches have turned up nothing. ;_;

This is for my drow necromancer.

Please be LGBT-friendly and have knowledge when it comes to colouring darker skin colours ! Please also make sure to read the small document I provided. This is all I ask. : D

The budget is around 250 – 300 dollars. Can be more if needed– after all, you know your prices and how much your art is worth. Basically, just drop your price info and art here and I’ll message you if I’m interested. ;w;7

Thank you all for your time !

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