[Hiring] Looking for an artist to draw my Moth Bard [Fullbody] [75-100$ budget]


Hey! I’m looking to commission some art of my moth bard. She’s not from any universe- she’s my own character, so I hope you’re up to read whatever I give you on her description.

Art styles are up for grabs. I’m admittedly new to commissioning, so I can’t say what art styles I like and hate, but I really don’t dislike any style. Especially looking for someone who can do wings with detail.

Commission Info: I expect to go through PayPal. 75-100$. I’d be willing to go beyond to 200$, but it’s doubtful.

Character Info: Name: Lu Race: Beastfolk Occupation: Bard Gender: Female Age: 28 Facial Features: Thin lips, thin eyebrows, think ‘small’. Hair: Short, curly, brown. Unkept, dirty, unclean. Neck-length. Eyes: Pale gray, mostly devoid of color. Iris and pupil are that color, scaled like a moth’s. Distinguishing marks: A traveler- a writer. Hands would be callused, never wears shoes so similar with feet. Two antenna stick from her head, short in length but pointed. Same color as hair, more silvery? Wings: Wings from a lunar moth in color. Green with purple trims. Wing-eyes are gray and purple. Wings are thin, obviously unable to be used. Look well worn, like a piece of old clothing, but not destroyed as if they might be used in a last resort. Body Type: Thin, a bit malnourished. As if she’s constantly in travel, going from place to place. Not strong, a bard who spends her money on something more important than food. Skin is unblemished. Items: -A journal, book, object to hold knowledge. Where she keeps songs and any knowledge she gathers. -Her lute. It’s something used for making money, staying alive, kept in shape for playing. It’s not impressive, just a simple object. Pose: See attached pose. I was looking for something in an alleyway- leaning against a dirty wall, writing in her journal. Lute to the side. Showing an apathy toward anything but her writing.

Full Image Library. Uncolored image is a commissioned reference for the character, colored image is not my own. https://imgur.com/a/IBmvH7u


Thanks to everyone for applying. I wish I could accept many of you but I just can’t. Thanks for your interest.

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