[HIRING] Looking for a fantasy book cover artist for use on a web novel. Budget $100-$200.


Title! I’m looking for a fantasy artist to make a book cover for a novel I’m currently writing to be used on web platforms that I post it on. At the moment I have no interest in making money off of the cover, but if somehow the story does well I’d be happy to negotiate that later on down the line.

The concept, which is admittedly very vague, is to have a character turned away from the POV surveying a “garden” of worlds. basically, planets floating through space linked together by “branches” with a design of your choice. The character should be a lean male, but other than that I’m not particularly wedded to any specific design. Basic fantasy garb, ideally with a slightly modern twist. I’m aware that the compensation isn’t excellent, so if I can’t find someone who feels like it’s worth it I may revisit this in a few months when I have more money to devote to this. I prefer a somewhat “realistic” art style, i.e. no cartoons or anime, but I don’t need photorealistic by any means.

I’d be happy to answer any other questions you guys may have. If any of that sounds like it fits please let me know and I’d be happy to talk! I only have the first two chapters finished at this point, so if whoever takes this would like to read them to get the general vibe that can definitely be arranged. Thank you!

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