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Hello! My best friend has a birthday coming up and I am looking for a gift to give her. If digital, I will get it printed off at a local store. Anyways, for my idea, I would like to get art of Seraphine (her favorite league champion) using her face as a reference. I may also want it to include the new Udyr look (my favorite champion) using my face as reference, depending on the price.

I do not know art terms so I cannot give you a good descriptor for the style of art, but I am sure your portfolios will help. The deadline is October 5th as I need to get it printed off before her birthday. I’m not sure on size, whatever will print well onto a poster. My budget is $100-200 depending on what is done.

Please let me know if you have any other questions! Below I have attached a picture of Udyr as reference, as well as a few pictures of Seraphine. I will likely ask for your help when I choose you to help decide which should be used for my friend’s likeness (not attaching photos of us on Reddit, will send when you are chosen).

Here are a few options for Seraphine art



Here is what Udyr’s new art looks like


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