[Hiring] Horror Book Cover and possible character design


Repost because the artist I picked ended up, getting sick and swamped with work they had before being hired by me, they have a great portfolio, but basically was a waste of time as I have been waiting for almost 2-3 weeks before they told me they can’t do the job.

Hello, I’m currently looking for an artist who’s capable of doing a book cover horror book cover. Book cover Budget is 300$-400$

Character design budget is 175$

The themes are below.

Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3

If you’re interested in the book cover please include EXAMPLES of this type of work. I prefer a semi realistic style.

For the character include EXAMPLES of character designs. I prefer a semi realistic style with visble edges, horror themed but should still be able to portray beauty.

Include a discord, for communication and an email address for files.

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