[Hiring] Graffiti mage girl – 3 drawings (1 character, different outfits) – 600-900 USD



So essentially I had a fairly silly idea lately of a “graffiti mage girl”. Essentially a normal girl that gets transported to a giant fantasy-like world. And I actually loved the concept enough that I figured “hey, would be nice to have that character drawn” 😀

So essentially, I will need 3 character designs for the same character. First showing her modern outfit, then a more fantasy stylized one soon after she lands in this new place and a final when she masters her magic and learns how to live in there getting more confident in the process. A bit of character progression kinda.

Here are the descriptions:

step 1 step 2 step 3

By design I do not necessarily mean full character sheet – a single full body in some kind of pose could do the trick, maybe with an extra close up portrait/expression.

And if possible – one of these instead of a full body should be an illustration (probably middle one) of her sitting on a flower (or a mushroom) and sketching something. But it’s optional, depends on your prices really.

More comic/anime-like stylization preferred – definitely no realism.

Also please no chat requests. They are really hard to browse to check later and clutter my inbox so I will just ignore them – just leave your portfolio in here, I promise I will look at it. It might take me 2-3 days to get back to you however.

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