[HIRING] Gift for DM – Drawing with full party on a ship – 300 EUR negotiable budget


Hello r/hungryartists! We are a party of 4 looking to award our DM at the end of a 4 years long DnD campaign.

We would like a piece made with the full party pictured, possibly using the ship from Savage Tides as the setting.

You can find info on the ship here https://savagetidemhc.obsidianportal.com/wikis/the-sea-wyvern, the party looks like this:

Dwarf-tempest cleric with full mithral armor and dwarven thrower. Thick amber beard and hair. Eyes get a lightning effect when in combat. Fully devoted to Kord. Captain of the party ship A rogue-bard tabaxi in a black suit with a red tie. The black fur and yellow eyes reveal mystery and charm. He carries a rapier on one side, and a violin on the other Bald Goliath with giant belt, naked torso and oversized halberd on his back. Kord paladin, emblem tattooed on the back of both hands. In the ship setting he is probably flexing by doing pushups on the main deck Skinny warlock human sitting in his fully equipped wheelchair. Long black hair, old magic robe and stuff in his right hand. The eyes are injected with the power of his evil patron. Harliss Javell https://savage-tide-pathfinder-style.obsidianportal.com/characters/harliss-javell (DM pc)

Please feel free to dm me if you need additional info πŸ™‚

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