[Hiring] For a simple fantasy card game with a budget of $100-$150 per piece, with 16 total pieces over a long period of time.


I’m looking to hire an artist who can do simple but fun art for a card game. The cards will include magic effects as well as fantasy characters; especially dragons.

At the moment, I’m not 100% sure if I want to sell the game, and am currently just designing it for friends, but to be safe I’m setting the budget range for Commercial Rights just in case. I also would be happy to later down the line pay more under your preferred price for full transfer rights if I decide to sell the game, but for now I’m only looking for commercial rights just in case.

As it stands, I’m looking at 16 total different cards I’ll need art for. I won’t be able to afford EVERY piece at once, but I am looking to commission the same person for all of the art (not the card designs though), and will over an uncertain period (maybe 6 months to a year?) of time be commissioning a few pieces at a time until all 16 are completed.

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