[Hiring] First time children’s book author looking for illustrator!


The pandemic gave me a lot of time with my children and in that time, I have written a children’s book with my 5 year old daughter. She loves unicorns so we came up with a story about a little girl who wishes for a real unicorn on her birthday. When she doesn’t get one, she takes it upon herself to try to catch one. There are some fun things she tries and ultimately it ends with a beautiful message about family.

The book is 20 pages and would love a style that is appealing to children.

I used Canva and clipart to help layout most of the pages, I just need someone to take those and make it much better!

I have never done this so please forgive me if I didn’t include enough information.

I was hoping to spend no more than $1500-$2000. I hope that’s not insulting to anyone (apologies if it is)!

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