[Hiring] drawing of my oc $100, anime style prefered.


She’s a thicc mommy chef basically. Nothing to out there style wise, just an apron, black pants, and a white midriff shirt. Thicc body almost pixart mom thicc. Bandana on her head. Has a very loving yet Sinister look(Ara Ara look). Will be full body. I’ll need more art done in the future but ATM I’m just trying to get her created so I can reference It in the future. Want her to look unique.

$100 budget.

Anime style or semi real anime style are preferred but I’m open to almost anything

Edit: this is a new account, my “deviant behavior account” if you will. And as such I am willing to pay all of it upfront, no problem.

Edit 2: I am on mobile and refuse to use their dog shit app, which means I cannot use the chat feature. If you try to chat me I will never see your message lol

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