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Hi Artists,

I am looking to hire an artist to do a commission for a DnD party as a gift for our DM. It would be for a full party shot made of 9 player characters and NPCs (full body). I will leave the technical details to you but I would like it to be printable and large enough to fit an A3 frame.

Our DnD group is big and as a result I do not think we have a one particular style in mind. I am open but probably leaning towards semi-realistic or cartoon. The latter provided it can express characters well enough. Preferably 2D drawn but again, I do not want to close the door for you if you are keen.

The art would be one picture with all the characters in, each with equipment and doing their “defining” thing. To give you an example, one character is a Tabaxi rogue carrying a sentient throwing dagger called Blink. She also likes to sit in a barrel or tends to hide behind other character’s. Ideally, I would like it to capture, to a certain degree, relationships within the party, e.g. brother and sister characters standing arm in arm or some characters holding hands. The characters are the focus of the art piece so background is less important to me.

To give you a rough idea, the characters are:

Wood Elf Druid Sea Elf Bladesinger (Wizard/Rogue) Sea Elf Wizard Aasimar Paladin Human Paladin Human Ranger Tabaxi Rogue Bugbear Fighter/Knight (does it count as a furry? :D) Shadar-kai Monk/Warlock

I will be providing a more detailed description of each. Understandably, I am happy to follow your guidance on how to best approach putting those characters to life, e.g. if/what type of reference pictures I should send etc. Also, I would not like to hamper your artistic freedom but after 4+ years of the campaign, players definitely feel strongly connected to the characters so I would expect to be able to provide some feedback along the way.

Budget wise, finger in the air, I am currently aiming for a range of USD 300 to 700. I understand the group is big so if you think it is below your expectations feel free to respond to the thread anyway but please state it in your response and provide a rough estimate of your expectations, e.g. you would need to at least double your budget.

Still catching up on the community best practices but from what I got so far: payment is going to be done over paypal and I would expect to sign a contract with the terms of engagement.

I would appreciate you responding in the thread over DMs, it is a large group and I would like to have everyone’s input in the selection process. It also may mean that I may be a bit slower to respond initially.

Finally, a rough time frame would be welcomed. I totally understand the creative process takes time and I am happy to wait if it means more polished art at the end. This is more to understand your current workload.

Thanks 🙂

EDIT: Highlighted the information to respond in the thread over DMs.

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