[HIRING] DND Party Commission


because this party is so large, i’m not going to do full descriptions for them, just the base concept- this dnd campaign has been running for over a year and two of us are wanting to get a movie poster style party commission for them!

BUDGET IS DISCUSSABLE. my personal budget is around $300-$400 dollars (it would need a timeline so i can ensure money is set aside, as well as discussing with the other player what they want to contribute) but i can do more than that if it’s done in payments made throughout the process. i’m pretty flexible, especially since i know this is a lot!

the characters:

prospero, the main npc that our dm chose to be featured, a god under the guise of a silver dragonborn coda volfri, the sprite warlock with technological magic aislinn byrne, the fae bardic paladin and champion of artemis axel thesleff, the halfling wizard hyrim voss, the humanoid scout (i genuinely can’t remember his race, he’s from the star wars trrpg) torinn, the young blue dragonborn barbarian

the campaign is titled coins & comets, and is a mix of dnd5e, cyberpunk, and star wars. think a multi-verse space-faring campaign where our party is the heart of the rebellion; they’re embroiled in a galactic war against imperial forces.

our dm is huge into movies and has even made a “teaser trailer” for the current arc of the campaign, which i will gladly share with the artist once i ask for their permission! what i’m/we’re thinking is something like this: https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/91zzAMkVCUL._AC_SY741_.jpg

we want everyone equally featured and we want cinematic vibes!!!

i will note that at least one character has a cybernetic arm and this would require a blend of fantasy magic and tech!

this is a big project and i definitely understand that. i’m super willing to go into detail and discuss pricing and everything too. not all responses will be fast! this is for a whole group of people so i’ll need their opinions every step of the way too.

IMPORTANT: almost all of these characters are some flavor of queer and one is trans, and our group is very queer, so if you aren’t comfortable with that, please don’t make an offer!

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