[Hiring] Designer for Dark Characters


I had posted a job ad previously around five days ago, and the artist I picked didn’t quite understand the job and has decided to find other comissions elsewhere. So this leaves me behind schedule and without art.

So I’m desperately looking to hire someone

Your style needs to be semi realistic, with warm natural colors, meaning no overly bright skin hair or eyes. You need to have the ability to draw fabrics and metal believably. Your style needs to have proper anatomy, and shapes, and for me that means lines and edges that define specific things . I also want someone who can actually draw/paint render hair that looks like hair.

200$ per sheet.

Anyone is able to apply, however I will straight up tell you, if your style fits.

You need a discord or teams this is non negotiable. I am not adding anyone just so they can sketch or convince me. I don’t have time for that, for the best chance of being picked attempt to stick inside the details above.

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