[Hiring] D&D Homebrew PDF Sourcebook Art (Races) $500-??


Hello reddit!

I am super excited (and a bit nervous) to return to this massive project of mine. I am designing a PDF Sourcebook of my 5-6 year in the making D&D World. I have run multiple campaigns already inside it and am currently running one now and starting another next week. My dream since becoming a DM has always been to create a beautiful Sourcebook that I can provide my players via PDF and or print.

I have races, diety/faction crests & symbols, and city maps that I’ll need.

The first step I am interested in capturing would be the races. I’m envisioning for most races a bust would be sufficient, but some of the races may need full body. The player option races are listed below. There are 10 total races, with many having multiple sub-races, coming out to a total of 34 player options.

As far as style goes, I feel like something that mirrors the style of the Fifth Edition D&D Player’s Handbook is my leading favorite. If you have a similar style or one you’d love to showcase to me, I’m open! I’m not sold on that style, but it is the current favorite. Either way, I would need someone comfortable doing all the races below to keep the style consistent.

Dwarves Four Sub-Races Elves Five Sub-Races Humans Five Sub-Races Gnomes Two Sub-Races Halflings Half-Elves Five Sub-Races Aberrant (Human Corrupted by Void. Curse has physically altered them) Four Sub-Races Eyrdrake (Humanoid Dragon) Three Sub-Races Eyrjônt (Humanoid Giant) Three Sub-Races Frae (Half Human/Half Fey) Three Sub-Races

As far as my Budget goes. I wanna say around $500 to start, see where that takes me in our discussions. I’m totally open to more after further discussions with you since i’m not sure the difficulty of making one bust for say, the elves, and then doing slight color/additions/pose to just separate the different sub-races. Is that 5 separate busts, or like 1 with a few touchups to make alterations, etc. This is the part where I’d love to discuss with you, the artist, so your time is properly compensated.

I’m really looking forward to this project and hope to hear from some of you soon!

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