[Hiring] Content Creators for news and articles focused on the darkweb


Job Description

Your job is to provide news and background articles focused on darknet market sites and the darknet scene in general. That encompasses news articles about new market sites, market closures, activity of law enforcement in relation to darknet activities as well as background stories about relevant topics related to the darknet scene.

Note that this job will not require you to actually engage in darknet activity, it is text work only which should be considered legal in almost all jurisdictions.

Your Qualifications

You should be familiar with IT and the typical tools needed to navigate darknet sites, such as the Tor browser. You should be fluent in English (additional languages are a bonus) and somewhat experienced in writing news articles or blog posts. Additionally it would be advantageous if you have either Signal or Telegram for quick and easy communication.

Working Hours

You can generally choose your own working hours but you are expected to follow the darknet scene and provide news articles in a timely manner.


We are willing to provide you with a generally generous pay (paid in Bitcoin or Monero) which will be paid per article and amount of text you provide. Background articles that require research and other additional effort will be compensated at a higher rate than news articles about current events.


If you are interested in this job opening, please contact us at [darkwebpress@protonmail.com](mailto:darkwebpress@protonmail.com) with a short description of yourself and your background relevant to this position. You can expect an initial reply within 24-48 hours. Do not contact us on reddit, you will not receive an answer.

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