[HIRING] Comic Book Illustrator & Concept Artist


Hey r/HungryArtists!

I am currently building a team for a 6-issue Sci-Fi graphic novel and I have an opportunity for one or two talented artists looking to build something incredible with a world class team that will keep you employed for years to come as we continue to tell more stories in our expanding universe.

Total page count for the 6-issues is around 270-300 pages, colored, averaging 5 panels per page. Our budget is $60,000 for all of the books. There is also an option for some backend percentage points of the revenue. Let’s have a conversation!

We would be looking to begin this summer after finding the right fit, and won’t start until we found our artist(s).

Even if you do not think you do “sci-fi”, please consider submitting anyway.

To submit, post any relevant portfolio or artwork in this thread! Or find me on Discord: logan_film#6978

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