[HIRING] Character Design for a DnD Wizard/Sorceror


Hi all,

I am looking for an artist to work on character design for a DnD/OC character. I have an idea of what I’m looking for, but some of it is still in the works (mostly her outfit). So, I’d be looking for someone with experience in character design already, preferably.

The concept for my character is a half-elf wizard/sorceror who got entangled with some wild magic, and it turned one of her arms was into water. So, essentially, her right forearm is ‘made’ out of water. I have a mood board for my character here, for reference.

I am looking for either a coloured thigh up/full body or a character sheet (i.e. digital art), whatever my budget would enable. My budget for this piece would be ~$150 USD, with a little wiggle room. I am looking for semi-realism or anime in style, but I’m flexible with this.

This piece isn’t super urgent, so there isn’t a specific deadline.

Thank you!

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