[hiring] Character design commission! 150$ Budget!


I’m looking for an anime style artist that can assist me with a character design! I have some ideas in mind and some references and I’d love to have someone help me get a base design going.

THE COMMISSION 1 single character full body color. No unique poses and no background.

THE BUDGET 150$. Willing to negotiate if it’s not quite within your range, but anything over 200 is a no.

Artist preferences Creative and has done a lot of character design work in their background. Preferably male characters.

Willing to talk over discord is preferred, but not required. (In my experience it goes way faster that way)


Comment on this post!

Send me a dm or a message with: 3 designed character examples, and your desired price!

End your comment on this post with “Cheese” just so I know you read this post to completion!

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