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Hiring someone to draw my characters, these will be used for reference as I write. This is a repost of an ad with updated language and style quality.

I appreciate the people who applied last time but I am not quite looking for the quality of the styles sent to me last time, it felt very samey/spammy and it felt like people didn’t read my ad and just dropped portfolios.

The budget is 100-150$ per character. I am doing 1 character at a time. I am also open to raising it to 200$. Per character based on style quality. I will state up front I’m not looking for anime styles. And I am not looking for painted styles that do not have hard outlines of some kind. (I haven’t posted to reddit before yesterday but I’ve noticed giving any semblance of comment on styles gets me down votes? So I guess I’ll just state I don’t want your style if you don’t meet what I’m looking for.)

Paint styles are welcome but they must have outlines or some kind of finished state where they seem to have depth of some kind , meaning if they look flat I don’t want it.

I don’t mean to be a jerk but I will automatically ignore those with generic western comic book styles, I’ve seen them so many times I consider it spam. Semi realistic styles are fine as long as they’re fleshed out with proportions that show an entire character.

With that out of the way, previously I had stated WoD or castlevania, at this point I want people who can genuinely do characters that don’t look bad, and as long as you read what I put above and your style applies then feel free to send me your portfolio.

Some lo/high fantasy Aesthetics like witcher/dark souls would be great!

Overall I want something that looks pleasing to me, and that is capable of capturing my ideas, so basically anything that doesn’t look super amateurish.

Please respond solely to this ad, do not DM or send a chat request. I Will go through every one here. Please include an SMS type application such as discord, Skype, or line. Also include any email address for files, time zone and languages spoken. Lastly include your grasp of the English language, last thing I want to do is make a conversation awkward by using metaphors or lingo that’s not really known to some people.

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