[HIRING] Artists for Children’s Book Illustrator


Looking for an illustrator for my first Children’s Book. Can give sample of writing to all interested but don’t want to put the whole thing on reddit (for obvious reasons). The book is about a lighthouse who turns into a little boy and experiences different things around the beach, all while learning his true purpose in life. The message of the book is that everyone has a purpose in life, no matter how big or small it is. Looking for more a realistic art, but up to interpretation with the art. The book is about 15 pages, not including the title or title page. Will be on 8/5×11 paper. Deadline for the art would be September 30th. Can pay about $150 USD upfront, but will create a contract for a portion of the profit of the book, as well as credit on the cover.

If interested please reply to this thread with a portfolio and I’ll reach out soon! Thanks!

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