[Hiring] Artist who is willing to try or is experienced in ukiyo-e art for an L5R campaign ($350-500 budget)


As above!

There’s a L5R (Legend of the 5 Rings) game that I’ve been running for about a year now; I really enjoy the campaign and hope it continues. It would be a group picture, celebrating the first year (at least) of the campaign. It would look more like a movie kabuki poster, with each of the characters close up front while the background itself isn’t super prominent. They’ve not-so-recently acted in a kabuki play so it makes sense from that perspective. At most they might be interacting together in some way with a vague and rather plain background. This is for personal use and as noted the budget I have is around 350-500$.

(Examples of ukiyo-e)




The characters involved are a Scorpion Shosuro (ninja), a Crane Doji (courtier), Lion Kitsu (shugenja) and a Dragon Mirumoto (bushi). Their pics are here, although most of it is art that was grabbed online there will be certain differences I’ll discuss more after I find someone:


doji kiso


shosuro jihi


kitsu tsukihiko


mirumoto kenshin

There’s no specific deadline but within a few months is best. I’d be willing to wait up to a year. Thank you very much! I do also tip and if asked will do a review.

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