HIRING: Artist to design beholders and oozes for a horror RPG


Hi all

Looking for an artist to make a couple of really creepy illustrations involving beholders and oozes.

This is your chance to make some really creepy art. I should say I have 7 books coming out which require literally hundreds of pieces of artwork in the next 3 years, and my current artist (who is amazing simply cannot do it all).

Please check out the art before applying:

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a4/dc/d8/a4dcd86e1fdce75d0f5190de2a6e92f6.jpg (this one just has a really cool eye).

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/42/ae/a8/42aea8035e0d4f5cee928577066b1a78.jpg (this one has really interesting textures).

Paying around $200 per piece. BUT I’m more interested in textures than I am in actual heavily detailed pieces, rich colours and just the right style. This is just for a creature, and a simple foggy / mist background.

If you have the right kind of style, I’ll gladly send over the art pack with all the styles and information on what I’m specifically looking for.


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