[HIRING] Artist for 3 book covers


I have written a trilogy of high fantasy books that I want to have the covers redone for, using one artist, so there is consistency between all 3 books.

My budget for all 3 total, will be somewhere in the $1200 range ($400 per cover) and will need rights allowing me to use the art as i see fit (digitally, physical, media promotion, etc.)

I wanted something more simplistic, rather than fully illustrated covers. I was thinking each cover would have a circular image in the style of a signet/relief/logo on a textured background.

Book 1: white Lion head on a bronze edged circle overtop a royal patterned background.

Book 2: angel bust on a silver edged circle overtop a religious/holy patterned background.

Book 3: tiny gold shards swirling in darkness on a gold edged circle overtop a celestial/space patterned background.

Graphic design skill for laying out the title, subtitles and author credits would be a plus.

Time frame would be at the latest, the end of April, allowing one month and change for each piece of artwork, but this will also depend on the individual artists process.

Please direct message me with any questions.

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