[Hiring] Art for Kickstarter Fantasy Sci-fi RPG Book needed. (Budget $600)


My company is looking for an artist to partner with for our upcoming Kickstarter. We are looking to release a Fantasy/Sci-Fi Space Opera Setting for D&D 5th edition based off a successful Live Play Podcast.

To start we are looking for 4 pieces:

-Cover Art Concept piece for the Book -3 smaller Concept art pieces of worldbuilding elements to give a sense of the setting

The budget we are working with for these specific 4 pieces $600. If interested we would also like to discuss a deal to illustrate the rest of the book once the Kickstarter is live and growing.

The setting is a blend of futuristic technology and classic fantasy elements. (Cybernetic Dragons, Elven Tree Spaceships, Lasers, Androids, Dwarves and goblins.)

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