[HIRING] Anime-esque art of original characters, around $300


Hello! I’m seeking an artist to draw art of my characters, specifically simple full-body and full-color images of their designs and outfits to use as future reference. The art style I have in mind is supposed to be anime-esque, somewhat realistically proportioned but still very stylized (think Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Avatar, or Studio Mir’s art style in general). However, I also want an artist who can draw clear East Asian features (epicanthic folds, monolid eyes) without caricature in this style.
I can pay around $300 for more than one art piece (so for instance, if you charge $120 per character design, I will pay $360 for three designs). Extra additions to the price can be negotiated, but I cannot go up to or higher than $400. I don’t have a deadline or timeframe for completion; any is fine as long as it’s not two or more months.
Do not send chat messages or DMs, please just leave a comment. Thank you!

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