[Hiring] Album artwork, budget $200 ;


Hopefully I’m formatting this correctly. I am looking for an artist to hire for album artwork. I am needing a album hide for an upcoming release. Hard rock band, not metal. The art can be color or B/W. It doesnt matter to us, but ideally we have a theme that we would like to go with. We need the art to be conceptually sound, make sense with our music style and best represent the idea that we will present. I have hired many, many artists for this band as well as my own board game before so the artist should expect constant communication, at minimum 2 revisions, and professionalism. Deadline for final art would be July 10th. So a solid 3 weeks to work. If more time is required we can figure that out. Final art needs to be at minimum 300DPI and be able to be printed at very high resolution to be used for advertisements, promotional materials as well as final cd product so this will be for commercial use. Artist will be able to host the image on their website‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎­as long as we are linked to it. We are open to imaginative illustration as well as hand drawn pieces. The themes are dark though so if you have experience doing darker art that would definitely be a plus. ​ EDIT: Hey guys I am getting a lot of PMS and Chat requests from artists without commenting. In addition I am getting requests from artists that arent reading or are qualified to do this job. Please do not send me unsolicited requests.

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