[Hiring] 6-Person Party Portrait. Wrapping up a 2 year D&D game and I wanted to cap it off with art of past and current party members.


Hi there,

I’ve been dming for a group for about two years now and we’re hitting the final arc of the campaign. I wanted to commission an art piece of six PCs. I’m envisioning a U design with two characters on each side going from the foreground to the background.

I have art references for each of the party members as well as a few personality traits. The party consists of an Astral Elf Bladesinger Wizard, Harpy Barbarian, Robot/Warforged Artificer, Robot/Warforged Gunslinger, Half-Elf Cleric, Elf Bard.

I’m hoping not to spend more than $500 but I’m willing to bend a bit. I don’t have a strict timeline, but I would like it within the next month or two. I’m familiar with using Paypal but I’m open to using other methods to pay you.

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