[Hiring] 6 person DnD character group with background


Hello everyone! So I’m not really sure how much this would cost but my budget would be around $300 (flexible on this). I’m looking for full body with color for 6 characters and a forest type background. If it could be finished in a month from now (when our next session is) that would be great but if not that’s ok too.

Details: 6 DnD characters. A male scholarly dwarf wizard with crow familiar. A female half-elf arcane trickster rogue with a strange spectral owl familiar. A male tiefling echo knight. A male magma genasi armored forge cleric. A male tabaxi bard who dresses like a wizard. And a human looking aasimar eldritch knight (he looks completely human but I’d like there to be some subtle indication of his celestial guide).

The background would be some sort of forest, I’m not too nitpicky about what exactly. And there would be some sign or title of their group (the menagerie) in the image.

If this sounds like a fun project then please contact me. 🙂

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