[Hiring] 6-man D&D Party, Full-Body, Artist’s Inspiration. $300-700 USD


Background: I am the DM of a 6 person party that is 31 sessions in and nearly entirely through the Curse of Strahd module. Our group wants to celebrate the accomplishment of actually finishing a campaign and remember the occasion though a well-created party commission with a high enough resolution to be printed out and framed (for at home decoration only).

Specifics: We do not have a specific art style in mind at this time. We haven’t discussed the specifics of a background or poses either. Preferably, I want to lean on the artist’s experience and creativity to create the best possible product, so we may be leaving a lot of those details to whoever is chosen. The party has gathered specific magical weapons throughout the campaign, so I’m sure that they will want those pictured; but armor, poses, placement, and background will likely be at the discretion of the artist -barring a player has a specific request- (I believe in allowing an artist to work with minimal constraints, in the hopes of achieving a superior product.)

However, we are looking for quality work. Personally, I intend to hang the piece in my nerd-cave for probably the rest of my life, so I need something worthy of displaying for a long time (:

Pricing: The price can be negotiated based on the quality of your work and how much the chosen artist wants to put into the piece; you know what your time is worth better than I (I’m no artist). I’ve spoken with the party and everyone has agreed $300 would be reasonable, and most of my party does not want to spend more than $100 each for the work (totaling $700 max). That’s just where the group is at as far as a budget. Please leave a quote with your portfolios in the comments, to aid with choosing an artist. (We understand that sometimes the prices can change, but a rough quote would be helpful in making a decision)

Characters: The characters are as follows: (All male) human barbarian, human druid, dwarf paladin, half-elf cleric, half-elf bard, and (undead) wood-elf ranger. I’m in the process of gathering reference pictures at the moment but once an artist is selected I will try to provide you with A LOT of pictures and tell you as much about the party as I can to assist you.

Any questions, just ask. I’m looking forward to browsing through the portfolios and if you read this entire post, thank you for your time.

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