[HIRING] 4 D&D Character Commissions + Group Canvas


Howdy! I’m a DM for a campaign that is about to hit 100 sessions. To commemorate this I’d like to commission some art for my players that I can use for Token art as well as have a nice canvas piece of the whole group. We play on a Virtual Table Top (Roll20) so the art must be digital. I know there are a ton of beautiful art styles on this sub but in general I’m looking for something leaning more towards 2D digital painting that is full of detail and color.


Super flexible on the deadline, I’d prefer if the project could be completed in 1-2 months, but if more time is needed absolutely not a problem.


$600 USD
Also very flexible on this and will happily discuss with you on getting a fair price.


& .TIFF (optional)


1920×1080 or larger for Group Canvas Piece 300 DPI

Not sure for individual pieces, I imagine they’d be smaller but I also have no idea what I’m talking about. Sorry. The way I imagine it, the individual images are photoshopped on the group canvas, so 300 DPI and whatever resolution size they end up being.


There are 4 characters in The Lavender Boys, their descriptions, personality, and important things to represent are below. If it will help, I can provide current art tokens (which suck at representing the characters because some of my players are shitlords), some reference images that they’ve expressed interest in the past, and a more detailed description for any characters.

Solu, Pibo, and Roofus are pretty powerful adventurers, so getting a little fancy with the weapons, armor, and clothing to represent that would be amazing. Tilly is their assistant/hireling.


Solu is a young, male Firbolg, Archfey ‘Pact of the Tome’ Warlock that uses magic in a very Wintry/Fey/Northern-Lights style. His spells are usually flavored to include things that represents the northern lights, like bright greens and yellows. He almost always has ripples of that light effect oscillating up and down one of his arms.

Solu is very confident, almost cocky, and very zealous towards his Patron, an Archfey named the Dancer in the Light. He’s brutally honest, calculating, and terse in his speech.

His hair is a darker grayish-brown cut short with a short beard. It is kept but not well groomed. His skin is a lighter gray blue that darkens around the joints like the elbows with his nose being more pink. He is tall and slim, standing 6’5″, weighing 230 lbs.

Solu dresses in regal traveler’s robes that have a darker hue. He wears drow leather armor underneath them, but for the most part that isn’t easily visible. He has a big, dark blue, feathered cloak/cape, white feathers that have black tips towards the shoulders. The inside of the cloak has elements of the northern lights embroidered within it. On his person or in his left, non-dominant hand, he holds his spell tome. It matches his clothing colors while having a more wintry look to it. He also wrote a book called “Tales from the Far North” that he carries on his person to convert others to his worship of the Dancer of the Light.

He keeps a few other things, one being a ring of protection. A silver ring with a blue gem. A Wand of Fireballs that he stole from a kobold. And the most important, an artifact named Tel’Kirra that looks like large yellow, green, and purple crystal that hangs around his neck. It is held in place by beautiful copper wiring that embodies the northern lights and is tied by a small steel chain.

Pibo Struud

Pibo is a young, male Halfling, College of Swords Bard that uses two rapiers and a pair of bongo drums. Of the rapiers, one is a simple blade, while the other is a magical, master-crafted repaired version of his father’s blade. He’s a mix between a duelist and a support caster, utilizing his bongo drums as the focus for his magic. He’s never found without his wide brimmed hat and has a very roguish look and feel, similar to a fantasy Han Solo.

Pibo is calmer and more collected than his other party members with a big heart to match. He shows a quiet confidence and usually lets the other members handle most situations but holds no fear in dealing with issues as they arise. He’s the party’s treasurer, rogue, striker, and support all bundled into one small character.

Pibo has longer reddish-brown hair that peeks out under his wide brimmed hat and flows a little beneath his shoulders. He has brown eyes and a small beard. He has pale skin that is a little tanned from his days under the sun. He stands about 3 feet tall and weighs about 40 lbs.

Pibo wears a worn, leather coat with leather armor underneath. He keeps a pair of hand-me-down drums on his belt with a few potions attached as well. He wears his blades on his belt, both of them on one side with his drums accompanying the other. Typical travelers clothing with a red and brown theme, like a red undershirt under the leather armor and coat. One thing you’ll never find Pibo without is his hat. A large, wide brimmed duelist’s hat with a bright red feather or two sticking out at the top. The hat is a little worn, but he keeps it in better shape than his swords.

Pibo keeps a few things on him that have a notable look to them. The most prevalent would be his most used rapier, The Lightning Struud. It was his father’s blade, it broke a while ago, and he reforged it with a stone titan’s help to create a really nice sword. It’s a mithril rapier that occasionally flickers with lightning up and down the blade. He also has a cavalier shoulder cape that is colored a darker red/purple/black (?) and is purple on the inside. You can also see lightning flickering up and down on the inside of the cape.


Roofus is a middle aged, male Human, Champion Fighter/Paladin that uses a mighty great axe but occasionally switches it out for a flail/censer and shield combination. He’s in service to the Raven Queen, the Goddess of Life and Death. He’s the party’s tank and the DM’s worst nightmare when he gets close to an enemy caster.

Roofus is a jolly goofball that refuses to lose hope despite terrible things happening to him. He’s a strong personality and very devoted to his duty to the Raven Queen. He holds others before himself and often does his damnedest to put himself in harms way before another. He’s a mix between a stand-up comedian and a Warhammer 40k Astartes.

Roofus is slim-fit, his armor makes him look much larger than he actually is. He has medium length blonde hair and a short blonde beard. He has blue eyes, stands about 5′ 10″, and weighs 190ish lbs.

He wears thick plate armor that is gleaming-ly polished. It has a raven on the breastplate similar to a Space Marine. He keeps his helmet on at nearly all times which covers his face unless he’s drinking. He also holds many different weapons on him. He has two hand-axes strapped to his sides, a giant, magical great axe that absorbs the blood of people he attacks, a flail that doubles as a censer that constantly plumes a small amount of purple incense, a dagger that can blink back into his hand after it’s thrown, and an embellished kite shield with the similarly matching raven. Another thing to note, he has a full cape that is black but the bottom third fades in to a deep crimson and is frayed at the base.


Tilly is the assistant/hireling/servant to the group and a dear friend. He’s an older halfling with short, stark white hair and a long beard that curls into a whimsical tip. He has tanned, weathered skin and brown eyes. Tilly has jagged, faded scars around his neck and wrists from his shackles while he was prisoner in the Underdark. He wears fancy courier clothing and keeps a book and quill on him. He is best of friends with Roofus and the two usually get into hijinks together. Despite being an enabler of Roofus’ pranks, he is very passionate about his duties to The Lavender Boys, dealing with all of the monotonous stuff so the party can save the world.

Group Canvas

I don’t have a ton of ideas for this but there are a few things I would like represented in the canvas piece. The name of the Adventurer group is The Lavender Boys, so some some lavender hues to the background would be super cool. A strong, filigreed name as well. Other than that, I don’t really have a background or background scene in mind. An astral starscape would maybe be cool but my imagination is at a loss here.

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