[Hiring] 300$USD Multiple full body adventuring party commission


Hello all you hungry artists, I’ve come to you all in the past for work and had great success everytime I’ve done so! I’m back again with a big project. The price I expect to actually be above 300, but was going to base it off of the standards of the artist and the quality of their portfolios, we can come to a reasonable number together. I just needed a decent price for the title.

The project consists of 6 humanoid(fantasy races but nothing extravagant) characters of varying heights and builds that I want done in a semi-realistic style. I want it to be full body with a small scene playing out in the background, either a tavern, a battlefield, or another scenario that would make sense for adventurers to be in. I would prefer the project take no longer than 6 months from the time of payment, but will make exceptions for extraordinary portfolios. I think I would prefer the dimensions to fit a background on a 1920×1080 monitor without too much stretching, im not exactly sure what that means in terms of the art piece.

I will abstain from giving any more details away in this post, some of the members of my tabletop group peruse this subreddit and this is meant ot be a gift for them. Feel free to DM me anytime and we can talk more about this. Thanks for taking the time to read my post 🙂

Edit: I’m looking through all of the interested parties messages and posts to find who I think I can best work with, please be patient as there are a lot of unseen messages aside from what’s visible here. Don’t mean to offend anyone by making them wait for a response. Thank you!

Final edit: I have found the artist I will work with for this project, thank you all so much for the responses. You are all great and helpful as usual. Have a great evening!

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