[HIRING] 2D Digital Artist to draw my DnD Character. $100-150 USD (negotiate). Will use the art for my online DnD game and will use art as my token. Art my be used on my twitter/discord profile. Turn around time 2-3 weeks. PayPal only.


My DnD character is a half dead Shadar-kai Elf phantom rogue. Through some past events he was in limbo and brought back to life by the Raven Queen with no memories of his past. Here are few details I have for the character. Over all theme of character is half dead half alive. His long hair is half grey half black (Cruella). One eye on the grey side is cloudy like cataracts and other eye is black. His face is covered in small cuts like one over the top of lip. His skin is dusky grey. He wears a cloak with a hood to hide his appearance because it attract attention.

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