[Hiring] 1 scene per month of my DND group – $125/mo budget



I have a DND group with 5 players (sometimes a guest will play). I want to capture the campaign with 1 image every month. I already have art of the characters so their designs are clear.

I am not looking for just a collage of the group together. This will be a monthly recurring thing depicting a scene from each month. Some examples to show this concept:

Outside of a tavern

On the battle field

Underdark exploration

Ship Battle


Again, this will be monthly work of $125. I have $1500 per year in my budget and I can’t go higher than that; it works out to $125 per month.

Payments will be made 50% up front, 50% on delivery via Paypal.

I am open to a variety of styles, so please feel free to show me your work even if it doesn’t look like any of the images above. They are just examples.

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