Hiding the Seed Phrase – what do you consider “safe enough”?


recently I’ve been having issues with hiding my seed phrase for my main wallet.
When I say issues I don’t mean somebody has found it, I just can’t find a place I consider safe enough…

I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment alone. I don’t have to hide it from anybody because nobody gets in my place.
I’m still on the fence about the metal seed phrase holders because they are quite pricey imho, so I have it on paper and laminated so no moisture gets on it. That doesn’t feel safe enough to me but even on metal, it’s just the same + fireproof. I will probably buy it.

That doesn’t solve my main problem – there is no place in a small apartment to hide it where nobody can find it when they take the drawers out. I’m renting so I can’t make holes and secret James Bond style cubbies in the walls.
Any suggestions?
I know the question “Where are you hiding your seed phrase?” is a bit of a weird one but since we don’t know each other I think sharing or a simple recommendation would be okay.

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